History of Xtensible Solutions

Xtensible Solutions first opened its doors in 1998 as a standards-based consulting company for the utility industry. Since the company’s early days, when three friends hunched over a wobbly table in an unfinished basement to finalize Xtensible’s original MDi framework, Xtensible has enjoyed a culture that values leadership, innovation, and community.

Humble Beginnings

In 2004, California ISO engaged Xtensible to develop business rules, services, and payload definitions for a market redesign project using the MDi Framework, Xtensible’s original solution for generation of CIM-based messages and services for integrating systems based on service-oriented architectures (SOAs). From here, Xtensible expanded its customer base to include clients in France, UK and South Africa. In 2007, Xtensible announced its MD3i framework, significantly expanding the company’s methodology and tools to support a complete design-time environment, including creation and management of enterprise semantic models (ESMs) for system integration based on multiple industry standards with private extensions.

Acquisition by Doble Engineering Company

In 2010, Xtensible was acquired by Doble Engineering Company. Building on expertise with utility standards, Xtensible branched into business and technology consulting areas of program management, BI and data analytics, system integration, strategy and architecture. The following year, Xtensible announced the second generation MD3i Solution Portfolio with new business models, an expanded design studio, and run-time accelerators: the MD3i Solution Suite. With better, faster, and cost-effecitve standards-based systems integration than competing solutions, the MD3i Solution Suite was implemented through partnership between Oracle and Xtensible, resulting in the co-development of the Oracle Data Utility Data Model (OUDM).

Looking Forward

While Xtensible continues to grow, the heart of the company remains a close-knit circle of experienced professionals who are passionate about their work. It is this environment, combined with passion for the industry and creating innovative solutions, that makes Xtensible a unique and instrumental ally in the utility industry.



About Xtensible Solutions

Xtensible delivers standards-based solutions to help utilities organize and understand their data. As demand rises for real-time integration and data insights, utilities need answers to questions about data: How will data be used and managed? How does it flow through the organization and what does it mean? Using dedicated experience in the utility industry, combined with our MD3i Framework methodology, Xtensible can help you drive business value and growth from your data.

Xtensible Solutions, LLC, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Doble Engineering Company.


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About Doble Engineering Company

Doble Engineering Company is dedicated to helping our customers in the global power industry to minimize risk, improve operations and optimize system performance. We deliver on this promise through industry-leading diagnostic equipment, intelligent software, advanced services, comprehensive support and professional training opportunities.

Doble was acquired by ESCO Technologies Inc. (NYSE: ESE) in 2007. Doble continues to be operated as a stand-alone company.

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ESCO Technologies manufactures highly engineered filtration products for the aviation, space and process markets worldwide and is the industry leader in RF shielding and EMC test products. We also provide diagnostic instruments, services and the premier library of statistically significant apparatus test results in support of the electric power grid.