Xtensible enjoys partnerships with industry-recognized service and product providers. We work closely with each partner to maintain a relationship that benefits both our clients and the partner organization, while also accomplishing our strategic and operational goals. Xtensible values these relationships and we readily form new ones with organizations that enrich the industry or contribute to our clients’ success.


Oracle logo In 2013 Oracle and Xtensible partnered to develop the Oracle Utility Data Model (OUDM) which was based on Xtensible’s MD3i Framework for Enterprise Semantic Modeling and utility industry standards such as the CIM. Now Xtensible is partnered with Oracle to provide end-to-end solutions utilizing the OUDM from data management to enterprise wide analytic platform solutions.


Xtensible and GEC partnered to provide the utility sector with means to leverage and implement the OpenFMB Standard. The joint effort uses Xtensible’s data modeling strengths and knowledge of utility industry standards in conjunction with GEC’s ability to implement solutions based on GreenBus and the OpenFMB Reference Architecture to deliver end-to-end OpenFMB solutions to the utility sector.

Sparx Systems logo

Xtensible partnered with Sparx Systems to deliver the MD3i Toolset through Sparx’s Enterprise Architect (EA). Allowing for the data modeling to be completed and maintained through the Sparx EA utilizing the MD3i methodology. The plug-in tool now can produce the resulting MD3i artifacts such as DDL’s, WSDL’s and other designs artifacts for help manage an enterprise integration platform. Xtensible has continued the relationship to progress the toolset of MD3i and influence the offerings of the Sparx EA tool.