Leading energy vendors implement framework for distributed intelligent nodes, enable industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) for the smart grid

Watertown, Mass. – November 8, 2016

Xtensible Solutions, a leading provider of standards-based systems integration and information management solutions for the utility industry, and Green Energy Corporation (GEC), a pioneer in design and software engineering services for distributed energy generation, have teamed up to help utilities implement the Open Field Message Bus™ (OpenFMB™) standard. This framework, which was first introduced last year, brings the Internet of Things (IoT) and advanced interoperability to the power industry and enables the smart grid.

“With growing demand for advanced power grid interoperability and company mandates for lower costs, better connectivity and grid reliability, utilities need a common standard for meeting the communication, control and data retrieval requirements of grid devices today,” said John S. Camilleri, Founder and Chief Technology Officer of GEC. “Through this framework, we’re helping utilities implement a consistent approach for distributed energy resources and advanced smart grid applications, so they can ensure grid device utilization is optimized.”

OpenFMB™ is part of the Smart Grid Interoperability Panel’s (SGIP) EnergyIoT™ initiative, which is designed to bring the IoT and advanced interoperability to the power grid. It is a framework for distributed intelligent nodes interacting with each other through loosely coupled, peer-to-peer messaging for field devices and systems at the grid’s edge. The OpenFMB™ framework provides a specification for power system field devices to leverage a non-proprietary and standards-based reference architecture, which consists of internet protocol (IP) networking and IoT messaging protocols.

This gives utilities and integration teams the ability to scale as needed, reduce overall implementation costs and the time and effort required for seamless integration and provides consistent business processes for optimally utilizing grid assets, including the integration of high penetration renewables.

“We’re confident this partnership with GEC will provide a unique end-to-end delivery for utilities,” said Michael Covarrubias, director of market strategy and solutions at Xtensible Solutions. “By offering a top-down approach for usage of the OpenFMB™ within organizations and giving teams the opportunity to learn from the experts that helped develop the standard, utilities will be able to seamlessly enable smart grid applications and secure the interoperability that is required to be successful in the industry today.”

Xtensible’s strength in data modeling for integration design and implementation, which is backed by their knowledge and leadership in utility industry standards, will complement GEC’s ability to implement solutions based on GreenBusⓇ   and the OpenFMB™ Reference Architecture. This results in an end-to-end solution for utility teams that allows for implementation and management of new and legacy devices from any and all vendors. Xtensible and GEC will be at SGIP’s Grid Modernization Summit November 7-10 in Washington D.C. and will be giving demonstrations for those interested in seeing firsthand how utilities can realize the benefits of the OpenFMB™ from conceptual design to implementation.

The OpenFMB™ is being implemented by leading utility companies. To learn more about the framework and which companies are benefiting from it, please visit http://sgip.org/openfmb.

About Xtensible Solutions, LLC
Xtensible Solutions, LLC, a subsidiary of Doble Engineering Company (part of ESCO Technologies, Inc., NYSE: ESE), delivers standards-based solutions to help utilities organize and understand their data. Using dedicated experience in the utility industry, combined with its MD3i Framework methodology, Xtensible helps drive business value and growth from data. Xtensible is also driving force behind the development and implementation of open standards that underpin current and future smart grid interoperability initiatives.

About Green Energy Corp (GEC)
Green Energy Corp (GEC) is a leading software company and pioneer in software engineering for operational control and configuration of distributed energy resources and innovative microgrid controller solutions. GEC provides extensive engineering support and development toolkits to promote the implementation of smart grid and microgrid technologies throughout the world. GEC is a leading implementer of OpenFMB™, supporting the development of the NAESB Standard.